We have initiated partnerships with a profit for the better in Cluj. Thorugh “EduPractic” project, Danis Foundation brings together people from companies competing on the market, but who are partners in the community, as well as organizations, schools – all with the same goal: to make students like the jobs they are learning in school and have their first work experience.

Annually, through “EduPractic” Project, technical college students in Cluj-Napoca are ready to find a job and work for a month in local companies, where they learn from professionals and earn their first money. At the 2014 edition of the project, the students took part to entrepreneurial education workshops where they learned how to become small entrepreneurs by practicing the profession they have chosen. Whitin the first 3 editions of the project, we supported 111 high school students.

“EduPractic” project is of high impact for the youngsters who, at barely 20 years old, prove that are responsible to themselves and their families, and a large proportion of them are already financially independent. Thus, the first high school generations taking part in the project show interest and responsibility for the craft they have chosen in their high school studies. Most of them already have a job which provides them a stable income, and the others continue their studies at university level, following a domain in which they earned their first work experience through “EduParctic” project.

The project was initiated in 2012 with the support of Electrogrup. Every year, new local companies joind us. Thus, the main partners of the project are Electrogrup and Energobit, and joined with help in organizing the internship and financial support the Donors Circle of Cluj, Cluj Community Foundation, Bosch Romania, Panemar, “Bunica Maria” Backery, Modern Bau, ELM Electromontaj Cluj Energom, ACI Cluj Romsoft and IPB . Educational partners of the project are: Energy Technical College, Technical College "Raluca Ripan" ,Technical College "Saligny" and Learn & Vision organization.